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Frequently Asked Questions
International Vape Platform
What is Solifexo Vape Platform?
Solifexo Vape Platform is an online platform where vape manufacturers and sellers can place their vape products and start selling them. On this platform you can find highly qualified and talented vape industrial solution provider.
How does B2B Solifexo Platform work for my business?
Solifexo brings you opportunity to grow your business on a new level in different ways:
  • Find new customers, bringing additional income to your business;
  • Advertise your brand and products to national and worldwide customers;
Will the platform be on the domain solifexo.com?
No. The domain name for the platform is Vawoo.com.
Can I lose money, if do not sell anything on the platform?
No. Solifexo Vape Platform is opened for every authorized vape manufacturer or seller. We offer our partners to become a part of our team on a free basics, which provides free access to all our technical, security, marketing and promotion solutions.
Product Placement
Who can place its products on the platform?
By registering on the platform, vape manufacturers and sellers provide necessary documents for verification of their legal right to sell vape products. Due to the new FDA regulations and changed rules in different countries, vape manufacturers and sellers require verification. We are eager to create a trusted and qualified vape environment.
Are there any limits of product placement?
No. Solifexo presents brand new vape platform, that provides for its partners unlimited number of product placement.
Platform Launch
If I fill the register form here can I start selling immediately?
No. The Vape Platform is in the launch process and you get an access to the platform beforehand.
How to get my 30-day free trial?
Visit the registration link and fill out the registration form. Our personal manager will contact you and you will get your guaranteed 30-day free trial.
What documents must submit vape manufacturer/seller?
For your best convenience, all vape sellers or manufacturers must provide a copy of the official documents, TAX ID, LLC.
Does Solifexo allow me to assign different currencies, price lists, discounts?
Yes. We allow to assign different currencies from USD, such as GBP and EUR. Price lists and discounts are set up by the vape manufacturers or sellers.
How will Solifexo attract customers on the platform?
Due to Solifexo has a long-term working experience in e-commerce, a vast marketing and promotion experience, Solifexo applies various techniques of product promotion, customer attraction, customer retention strategies and much more.
Can Solifexo help me identify best selling product?
By starting your on-line store with Solifexo, you receive a number of up-to-date statistics in order to be informed about your sales. Statistics of top sale products from all assortment range, the most viewed products, and store - visitation statistics are available for you.
Does Solifexo provide technical support and customer service?
The partners’ convenience is very important for Solifexo. Thus, the company provides real partners help 24/7 during 365 days a year. High qualified support team is always welcome to solve clients’ problems or answer all their questions. What is more, every single partner of Solifexo is supplied with personal manager, who interacts with a specific company from the very beginning and makes cooperation process doubly satisfying.
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