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For Sellers
New channels of distribution

Increase your revenue by selling your products across multiple channels. You receive a unique access to the broadest range of fares and contents, including e-liquids and accessories contents from a single access point.

Targeted customers

Effective marketing tools will attract targeted customers to our platform and to your products. A significant quantity of targeted and vape oriented customers will be eager to register on our platform.

Promotion of New Products Arrivals

Get the free opportunity to promote your products in different categories on the platform. You can notify your customers of upcoming sales or new products. Placing your brand name on the front page in a category of New Arrivals along with other benefits of promotion will build brand awareness and generate interest in your product and attract new customers.

Risk-free Financial tools

Effectively minimize financial risks, by using different types of security methods of financial protection. Among them are the following: PCI-DSS, CVV, geolocation by IP address, security services and 3D secure. Check if the customer used an anonymous proxy server, compare the IP address country with the billing address country, check if the shipping address is in a “high risk” country. Age verification for all our customers is also provided.

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